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VisionHM, Innovation in continuity

VisionHM is constantly seeking to improve the level of quality of patient care and hospital operations by improving the existing solution but also by developing new tools corresponding to the current and future needs of hospital staff.

Medical center

VisionHM has a new optional level of organization called Medical Cluster. Each Medical Pole corresponds to a set of physical services working as a group to solve multidisciplinary care such as the follow-up of chronic diseases or cancer treatments.

The VisionHM application then allows the opening of the agendas composing the cluster and to navigate from one agenda to another presented in the form of tabs.

The RAC in support

VisionHM's City - Hospital platform allows a prescription for treatment to be sent to a list of previously registered practices grouped by specialty.

An anonymized file is prepared detailing the patient's profile. The external workers will be able to confirm the patient's agreement to be taken care of and a confirmation of the actual care at each patient visit can be quickly released to allow the establishment to ensure proper follow-up care outside its walls.

An alert system identifies in real time patients for whom no treatment has been validated.

It also makes it possible to identify breaks in care by the non-validation of a care appointment.